3 Nasty Side Effects of Cold Medicines

It is quite easy to resort to medicinal drugs when cold comes knocking, and although it works, you have probably never considered how much it costs. The body’s immune system has been naturally designed to fight off illnesses, and a perfect example of where this works is the common cold.

A lot of us readily use these artificial cough suppression medicines as soon as the cold is contracted. But do you really know that you medicines prevent your body from working efficiently as it should when you smother your cough with a medicine? Below are some of the nasty effects of cold medicine on your health, and also some natural remedies.

1. The blood sugar spikes

Some of these cough syrups contain sucrose, which is a refined table sugar that causes a rapid increase in the blood sugar level. There are some other medicines that contain high fructose corn syrup, a kind of sweetener that is most likely combined with sucrose in the syrup. This negatively affects the health in various ways, in that the pancreas is being forced to do more than it can handle in order to compensate, and this wears it out. The risk of diabetes is increased as a result of this. Ginger is a natural remedy to this, as its anti-inflammatory properties help to speed up the healing process and also reduce the symptoms.

2. Weight gain

Some of these drugs have endocrine-disrupting chemicals in them that negatively affect the hormones and lead to hyperthyroidism, among other health problems. Hyperthyroidism, the over-activity of the thyroid gland, leads to an increased rate of metabolism and a rapid heartbeat, and this causes extra pounds to pile on. A natural remedy to this is honey; it works especially for children (older than a year) with cold, as they tend to sleep better when the medicine is given before bed.

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3. Cancer

Cough medicines will definitely not cause cancer, but they can increase its risk. Studies show that those who eat excess sugar (fructose, especially) are more likely to get cancer, and since cough medicine contains sucrose (derived from glucose and fructose), there is an increased risk of getting cancer. Licorice is a natural remedy to this, as it helps to calm scratchiness in the airway and also loosens phlegm. It should be used as directed by a doctor.

If you are familiar with cold medicines, now is probably the time that you should lay them to rest. Let your immune system do its or try out a natural procedure to cure the cold. If the condition worsens, you should see your physician and take drugs under his/her supervision.

image courtesy of: naturalhealth365.com.

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