3 Playful Yoga Poses to Practice With a Partner

Yoga comprises of a group of physical exercises that has to do with the spiritual, physical, and mental state of an individual. It aids in flexibility, and brings calmness, serenity, mental peace, and above all, improves the health. Yoga practice, in most cases, is known to be a time of self-reflection and introspection. To make it more enjoyable, it is best done with a partner. This will make you learn more about yourself, your body, and your environment, than you would if you were to do it individually.

The person in the air is known as the flyer, while the person supporting the flyer is known as the base. The flyer gets to have additional core strength, while the other improves his/her lower body strength.

Below are 3 yoga practices you can practice with someone.

1. Yogi stack

The base should begin by kneeling upright with palms lying on the mat in front of them. He or she should tilt the tailbone back, in order to create a shelf for the flyer to kneel on. Now, the flyer should step on to the back of the base, kneeling on his/her lower back. Then both, the flyer and the base, should lift their chests and hold the arms in any variation.

2. Bound double boat

Seat, with your knees bent, while facing your partner. Now, lift your feet slowly off the floor, so that they are bent at 90 degrees, and your palms should be behind you on the floor while you connect your feet. Enable your core strength to keep your spine long and your tailbone tilted for you to have length from the sacrum. Then, put your feet together and push them up to the sky, with your legs as straight as possible.

Your partner should do the same thing and you both should connect your feet while they are up, and clasp your hands to form a bound double boat. On15ce this is done, hold yourselves firm and stretch while you look out to the sides or to each other.

3. Double table

Like its name implies, the exercise is in a table form. The base should start in a table position while facing the ceiling. Feet should be kept hip-width apart, and hips should be lifted so high so that the knees, hips, back, and head form a single line. Now, the flyer will step across the other’s body, facing the knees. He/she should place one hand at a time on the base’s shoulders with core engaged. Step one foot at a time on the base’s knees/lower thighs and maintain the pose for a while before stepping down.

Yoga is more interesting when it is practiced with a partner. Ensure you smile and enjoy every bit of it.

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