3 Rules of Gym Etiquette

Not everyone behaves in an appropriate way at the gym, and you can’t always blame them, especially when the gym hasn’t provided a list of “DOs and DON’Ts” with regards to personal conduct. You meet different kinds of people at the gym, including those people who have displeasing behaviors. Everyone acts they way that they feel they should, and the truth is that some people don’t even realize they are doing the wrong things.
At this moment, pause and think about the fact that the person with the annoying behavior might actually be you. Just as there is an appropriate code of conduct for things like dining and shopping, there is also a certain etiquette that should bes observed when sharing a gym with other people. Below are some rules about etiquette that you should know about.

1. Dress appropriately

While you get dressed, it is important that you remind yourself of where exactly you are going to. The way you’d dress for a party isn’t the same way you should dress for the gym. You should wear clothes that provide appropriate coverage and the right fit, as this will help boost your confidence and allow you perform your workouts with ease.

Tight clothing can restrict your flexibility, especially when doing exercises that require you to stretch. This can sprain your muscles and you may end up not doing the exercise right. On the other hand, if you dress too loose or wear baggy clothing, it can get caught in a machine or trip you up and leave you injured. As much as what you wear doesn’t make the workout, it certainly can help to enhance the experience.

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2. Wipe your sweat (with your towel!)

Sweating is to be expected, especially if you are doing a high intensity workout or any strength training exercise. But it becomes a problem when someone else is disturbed by your sweat. You can always get a face towel to hang around your neck while you workout, so you can easily wipe your face with it and avoid sweating onto the next person to you.

No one likes to feel other people’s sweat, especially when you are a perfect stranger to them. You should also wipe the machine or bench if you sweat on them.

3.  Avoid talking loudly into cell phones

If you have an important call to take or make, the proper etiquette is to get off the machine or leave the gym floor entirely, to make that call. If you are concerned about someone taking your space while you leave for a moment, this is a normal human feeling but you shouldn’t feel that way.

While you are at the gym, think about others and how your actions may affect them, and you might find that your productivity will increase along with your feelings of satisfaction at the end of your workout.

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