3 Smart Things to Boost the Healing of Your Broken Bones

Breaking your bones is always painful. On top of this, the healing process is quite slow and prevents you from getting things done. However, the good news is, you can boost the healing rate of your broken bones. So that within a short period of time, your bones will heal and you can get the full use of your arm, leg or wherever that is broken. In this article, you will read about various foods and oils, even supplements which can be used in some great methods for the natural healing of your broken bones.

1. The bone-building diet

Your diet is very essential for the healing of your bones. This is because minerals which help your bones to heal are found in foods. Therefore, the sort of food you eat is important as you are supposed to get all your minerals from there. You need calcium and magnesium to build your bones. When you have calcium deficiency, your bones are not strong and as a result, you can easily break your bones. The calcium will strengthen your bones as they are being built. There are foods that are rich in calcium like kale, spinach, kefir, arugula, sardines and others.

Magnesium is equally important too, as its metabolism is similar to calcium. In fact, they go together. That is why you cannot get the benefits of foods high in calcium without taking those rich in magnesium. Some foods which are rich in calcium are also rich in magnesium like kefir and some green leafy vegetables like spinach and others. Other foods that are rich in magnesium are flax-seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, black beans etc. Note, there are other minerals you will also need like zinc, protein, etc.

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2. Natural physical therapy

You can increase your bone density by simply standing on vibration platforms. It has been proven upon research that standing on a vibrating platform at least 20 minutes a day increases your bone density. This is good as it doesn’t disturb or disrupt your healing process, instead, aids it.

3. Important oils

There are three oils which are great for boosting the healing process of your bones. They are cypress oil, fir needle oil and helichrysum oil. The cypress oil improves circulation in the area, which will help as your body needs a lot of blood for the healing process. The fir oil aids in repairing bones and helichrysum, due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, aids in repairing damaged nerve tissues. Apply the blend directly on the injured area (broken bone) five times daily.

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