3 Steps to Ending Negative Self Talk


Many of us grew up learning morals; how to respect those around us and be conscious of the things we say to them. How do these things apply to self? How many times have you chosen to respect yourself and believe in who you are? How much compassion do you feel for yourself? It’s really pathetic that many people have grown to be really concerned about others while they ignore their own selves, keeping self-esteem at a risk. This plays a vital role in health; calling yourself fat and blaming yourself each day will only undermine your possibility of getting better and fat-free!

Do you speak positively to yourself and see yourself better than what you actually are? Or you mope around and believe that nothing good will ever come from you?

Below are 3 steps to ending negative self-talk. It’s time to be concerned about yourself and your health.

1. Write it down

Write down everything you are thinking—those negative thoughts and everything that has to do with it. Pen all of it down. This isn’t saying you should think about them or just have them in mind. Writing things down goes a long way than keeping them in thoughts. Get a piece of paper and a pen or get your fingers ready on your keyboard and write it all out! This works in relieving you of those thoughts; whenever they come rushing, just pen them down.

2. Say it out loud

Have you ever tried moving your negative thoughts from just your mind to saying it aloud? Now, imagine if you have to look into the mirror and tell yourself negative things. Try it, and when you do, ask yourself why you have to speak in such manner to yourself. Think about it and wonder if they are words that can be easily said to anyone else around you. If no one else deserves to hear those words, then you don’t!

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3. Create small goals

Are you willing to let go? By now, you should know what you want to achieve. Break them down into small goals; remember they should be things that are within your reach to avoid getting disappointed at the end of the day if you are not able to meet up. If you’ve always had the mindset that you can never lose weight, and you are willing to let that thought go already, then you can create a goal like losing 0.2lbs in a week. If you are able to achieve that or even more than, you’ll be glad you did and will want to do more.

However, if you decide on something greater than 0.2lbs that is within your reach, you are likely not to achieve it and you just might return to your original state of negative thinking once again. Write down your goals, and ensure they are SMART—Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.


You can end your negative self-talk, the same way you started it. It all depends on you.


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