3 Stretches Your Tight Hips Are Begging For


It is a common problem nowadays to have hips that are too tight. This problem is faced by all kinds of people and can affect people who sit at desks all day as well as mountain climbers. In order to treat your body with more respect and to increase the flexibility of your hips.

In this article, we will present you with some exercises that will increase the flexibility of your hips as well as reducing the chances of your hips getting injured or uncomfortable.

#1. The ‘Happy Baby’ method

In the happy baby method, you will open your hips and also stretch your lower back. Start by lying flat on the floor, preferably on a carpet or rug. Then bend both your knees and use your hands to grab the ends of stretched feet. Make sure that your arms are on the external side of your legs.

Then use the strength of your upper body to press both of your knees to the ground beneath your armpits.  Try to stay relaxed while doing all this. Stay in this pose for about 5 or 6 slow and deep breaths.

#2. The extended wide squat

In this relaxing exercise, you will work on both hips at the same time. Your lower back will also be exercised. To start with, extend your feet apart slightly more than the width between your hips. Then, bend your knees and descend your hips downwards. If you can’t touch your heels to the ground, then use a rolled up towel or mat to place under your feet for heel support.

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Now, bring together the palms above where your heart is in the center of your chest. To help open your hips further, press your elbows firmly against your inside knee sections. Hold this position for five minutes and then let go of your hands and stand up. Walk and hop around a bit to get some limberness into your hips and lower back.

#3. The open lizard

In the open lizard method, the flexors of the hips (the muscles at the front of your hips) may become very tight simply by sitting in one place for too long. This open lizard exercise is meant to deal with any problems this might cause and targets your hip areas along with the outer hips.

Start the method by first going into a lunging position with your knee held forward. Then lower that knee slowly and then place your hands on the ground beneath your shoulders. Then descend your right knee to your right, so that you’re being supported by your right foot.

While keeping your arms straight, hold your chest forward to add to the stretch. Stay in this position for about five or six breaths and then repeat the same method with the other side of your body.

These workouts can be challenging for beginners. It is always better to start slowly and with caution. If possible, consulting a physician will be good idea.

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