3 Things to Avoid to Strengthen Bones

Having stronger bones increases the quality of life you have, your overall strength and endurance is increased when you have stronger bones, making you a favorite of the ladies. To do so, there are several things you need avoid doing, including the following three.

1. Not eating

There are many people who do not eat three square meals a day, either because they are in a hurry, distracted or feel that they are not hungry. This is potentially unhealthy for your bones, especially if skipping meals becomes a habit and not a one-time thing. When you eat, a lot of nutrients and minerals are released into the blood which has an effect of stabilizing your body’s pH levels.

Your pH levels are crucial to bone health. It tends to get low and acidic when you do not eat, forcing your body to release more of the calcium stored in your bones into the blood to help with blood clotting and improve the function of the heart. If too much calcium is released from your bones, they become weak and easy to fracture and break. Skipping meals also means your body gets less of the nutrients and minerals it needs to make new bones and strengthen them, like calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D.

2. Smoking

Statistics show that people who smoke, lose up to two percent of their bones a year. Why this is so, is not yet clear. But it is thought that some of the ingredients in cigarettes interrupt the body’s mechanism for repairing and making new bones. So the bones decrease overtime.

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3. Being indoor

If you work in an air-conditioned office all day and have very little time to get out, especially in the afternoon when the sun is at its brightest, then you stand a higher chance of developing bone diseases and complications later in life. This is because sun rays enable the body to make vitamin D, an essential element for bone health.

Do not think that you will get all that vitamin D in your food or by taking pills, your body can make more than twice the amount of vitamin D in half an hour under the sun, than you can get through any single food.

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