3 Things to Consider When Trying to Gain Lean Muscle Mass

Too often, we hit the gym with the goal of gaining more muscle but end up getting frustrated or quitting, because we observe little or no result. This happens because we simply ignore the basics of any proper workout routine. However, in this article, I have highlighted 3 factors to take seriously in order to obtain great results.

1. Food

Saw this one coming. Eating is the best way to replenish the body’s depleted vitamin and protein stores. A good diet does a lot of differences when trying to build lean muscle mass. Maintaining a diet with the necessary proteins and other vitamins that match your Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) is crucial.

However, eating should be performed strategically too. Findings by researchers of the Vanderbilt University in Nevada suggest that if, food is eaten at the wrong time of the day and in the wrong amounts, the body stores more fat. Because our biological clocks controls our metabolism, so the way in which we metabolize the same foods during the day and night is different. This study tells us that heavy lunches and light dinners are key to achieving your goal.

2. Rest

Training without resting is considered suicidal, ask any experienced athlete and they’ll say the same. Obtaining great results will depend on how well your body is handling your workouts. When your body is over trained, it leads to muscle deterioration instead of muscle gain. Listening to your body and getting enough rest can be the difference between gaining or loosing muscle mass. So try not to over exert yourself, thinking you’ll gain more if, you push yourself way past your limit, as this can prove detrimental to your health. Take a break once in a while and skip a few days if, your body isn’t responding too well to your workout plan.

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3. Train

If you don’t exercise, how do you expect to build more muscle. Training is quite obvious, a well-planned workout is the road to successful gains.

Picture this scenario, A person who enters the gym and hits a machine for so long before, lazily moving on to the next and a second person who gets in and hits every machine with planned reps and sets showing focus and purpose.

Which of the 2 above do you think will gain effectively. The second person off-course. Because it’s all about training smart and not just hard.

Take into account all the above mentioned concepts and that should help to improve how efficiently you gain lean muscles.

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