3 Things That Make You Uncomfortable in the Summer

It gets extremely hot during summer, and there are a lot of myths flying around today on what to do to keep cool during summer. However, in the bid to get the best of it all, we sometimes do the wrong thing and end up getting so uncomfortable. A few of these common mistakes have been compiled here, just so you will identify them and be able to easily wade them off.

1. Excessive cold drinks

If not cold drinks, then what? That’s what is probably on your mind right now, because you can’t just imagine yourself grabbing a cup of hot tea, right? While this is very much understandable, due to the weather, it is also not okay to take cold drinks all the time. Sometimes, you need to chip in for some hot drinks, but you don’t have to do that when you are dripping in sweat. Allow your sweat to cool off before taking any hot drink at all, to create a balance. Studies has shown that the temperature-sensing receptors in the mouth can kick start the cooling response, once it is triggered by a hot drink.

2. Swapping sport drinks with water

This is a very common mistake that many people make. During summer, your body tends to be dehydrated and you gain a lot of sodium, which needs to be gotten rid of. Although, you lose sodium when you sweat, but you may have forgotten that your body absorbs some of it and also gain more through your meals. If, with all this accumulated sodium, you still want to add to it by taking sport drink often, you won’t be helping yourself. Sport drinks only add sugar and sodium to the body, which you really do not need, unless if you train for at least an hour daily or you are an endurance athlete. The best thing to take to stay hydrated is plain water, and nothing beats that!

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3. Taking a lukewarm shower

It is neither hot or cold, so you want to stay that way. This won’t help you; you can easily go for a cold bath without fretting. Now, this doesn’t mean you get yourself frozen up; let it be just reasonably cold, to help you cool down the heat.

Many times, it doesn’t really matter how careful we are, we still make mistakes. Above are 3 mistakes that should not be repeated during summer.

Image courtesy of: images.medicaldaily.com, womenshealthmag.com, img.purch.com, cuic.us.

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