3 Things You Should Never Eat Or Drink After 9pm


What you ingest before going to bed at night matters a lot. There are certain things to be considered before deciding your dinner and zooming off to bed. Many people tend to overlook this and keep on making mistakes that prevent them from gettign the physique they desire. It’s great to have something before bed–nothing is wrong with this, but then it goes all wrong when you take in the wrong things. Below are 3 foods you should avoid:

1. Milk

Milk is not only sweet, but is also a healthy source of protein and calcium, so you may not possibly think of any side effects as you down a cup of milk down your throat. Milk contains a high level of lactose that may cause digestive issues; it is even worse if you are lactose intolerant. Due to this lactose, you may not have the sound sleep you desire, as you are likely to wake up at intervals, looking for something else to snack on before returning to bed.

2. Pizza

Pizza is many people’s favorite, but you should take your pizza earlier in the day, or before 9 pm. The number of calories in pizza is quite high, and they may not get digested as quick as they should, so you may end up staying awake all through the night, or having very little sleep. Worse, your risk of fat gain is increased.

3. Fruit juice

Fruit juice is great and delicious, whether it be orange, grapefruit, cranberry, pineapple, etc. As awesome as fruit juice may be, taking it after 9 pm won’t be doing you any good, as it may cause heart burn, due to its acidic nature. Also, its sugar content can cause a spike in your blood sugar level through the night.

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These foods should be especially taken into consideration if you are trying to lose weight. You won’t be helping yourself by taking any of these meals after 9 pm.

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