3 Tips for Protecting Your Voice

For singers that tend to sing for a living it is important to always protect and take care of your voice. Singer’s voice can be exhausted leading to sore throat, vocal swelling, vocal breaks or cracks when singing.

There are many videos that help with vocal training and tips to helps expand your vocal range, prevents embarrassing cracks that will hinder individual growth. It is every singer’s dream to be able to sing excellently.

1. Always drink water

It keeps you hydrated and keeps your vocal chords moist which is an important criteria for your vocal chords. This is what happens when you sing, your vocal chords vibrate really fast, so when they are dry due to no enough water in your system they will be irritated when you are singing causing pain and discomfort and in the long run exhaustion, since it is exhausted.

One of the oldest method is to drink a glass of lukewarm water, when performing so as to soothe the throat, this helps in creating an environment of moisture and the muscles involved prevent vocal exhaustion or damage.

It is advisable to drink during performance break and all.

2. Eat a balanced diet

Apart from drinking water. The food you eat should be of utmost importance as you need to eat from all the food group that is available and in their right proportion. One should aim to eat, raw, fresh, organic food at all times. Especially food with high water content.

The vitamins in vegetables of fruits for instance help a great deal towards protecting the voice form harm. Foods that contain high vitamin A, C and E as they helps to prevent cold, flu, sore throats and help to produce anti-oxidants that protects cell membranes and improves the immune system over all.

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3. Healthy drinks

Avoid carbonated, fizz and sugary drinks. You can make your own fresh juice mixture, smoothies that can be made out of vegetables and fruits or a mixture of both. You can’t sing with a full stomach, so smoothies like this can keep you full for a long while when on shows and they also contains the nutrients you would have taken if eaten individually.

Added to that are herbal teas to drink that clears mucous from the throat, mixing them with lime and honey does wonders for your throat and soothes sore in the throat, automatically healing them in the long run. Mixing honey and lime in warm water also helps for the throat and protecting fragile vocals.

Always carry a bottle of water with you, don’t be short of water, drink more warm water than cold, eat enough veggies and fruits and practice your vocals so they can be strengthen instead of breaking every now and then.

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