3 Warning Signs That You Are Unhealthy

No one needs to tell you that you are unhealthy when you are diagnosed with an illness, but it really doesn’t have to get to that extent before you can tell that there’s something wrong. The body gives warning signs when your health is impaired, but majority of individuals hardly consider these signs or even notice them at all until they become life-threatening. If you observe your health closely and take note of some little changes, you’ll diagnose some illnesses at early stages before they become life-threatening. Here are some warning signals that tell you that you are unhealthy.

1. You sleep poorly

The stress hormone, also known as cortisol, should normally drop at night and let the body relax. If you find it difficult to sleep, it could be due to a raised cortisol level that is altering the body’s ability to relax and recharge. The increased cortisol level often arises from too many fight-or-flight stress responses in the body. With an increased cortisol level and continuous poor sleep, you may eventually get sick.

2. Fluctuation in body temperature

If you consistently find that your extremities are cold as ice and it isn’t related to the weather or any environmental factor, then it could be a warning sign of a heart defect. Cold hands or feet could simply mean you have poor circulation and enough oxygenated blood isn’t pumped into your extremities.

3. You’re always tired

It’s normal to get tired after a long busy day, but when it becomes too consistent and you get tired even on less stressful days, then your health might be at stake. It could result from an improper function of the thyroid, burned out adrenal glands, or your body being exhausted from all you’ve injected into it, which includes cigarettes, alcohol, processed foods and environmental exposure. It could also result from being over-stressed, which will cause your body’s defense mechanism to function extensively in order to protect you.

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If you notice any of these warning signals, ensure you correct it before it escalates and become chronic.

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