3 Ways To Beat Stress Induced By Weight Gain

Stress has a very strong and negative impact on the human body. High levels of stress can cause headache, muscle tension and digestive problems. Research has shown that stress causes great havoc on the metabolism of the human system. Stress is connected with weight gain because a high level of the stress hormone cortisol has been shown to increase appetite and this results in the accumulation of belly fat in the body.

Below are some ways to beat stress cause by weight gain in the body:

1. Adjust the portion of your meal

In case you feel that you can burn less calories an hour after eating due to stress, switch up your servings a bit to slash calories without having to eat less food. For instance, you can try to eat one and a half cups of mixed veggies and half a cup of broken rice instead of a cup of each, which can save you 60 to 75 calories. You can also choose to use 1 cup of quinoa mixed with half a cup of spinach to save about 100 calories. This would help you to lose weight gradually which will ultimately reduce your stress levels at a steady pace.

2. Add metabolic boosters

Certain foods help to boost your metabolic rate and while the effect is not astronomical, they may just counter some stress induced metabolism. One metabolism booster is hot pepper. A research that was conducted with two groups of adults showed that both groups burned more calories when they ate more spicy foods while those that ate fiery foods infrequently felt hungry but experienced fewer cravings for salty, fatty and sweet treats. Pepper has been shown to boost the immune system  which helps to lower cholesterol.

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3. Take a quick post-meal walk

Whenever possible, try to build in a brisk walk or 12 minutes stroll after meals. A recent study by George Washington University found that this habit helped to normalize blood sugar levels for up to three hours after eating. Just breaking a sitting pattern and getting your blood pumping can shift metabolism. Therefore, a simple walk can help you to clear your head, which would eventually reduce your stress level.

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