3 Ways to Build Your Muscles Faster

Many young men feel that the weight room is a best place to easily gain muscles faster; the shocking thing is that for better development, you need to engage in variety of exercise that could help build your muscles faster and easily.

Here are 5 ways by which you can build your muscles faster

1. Cobra pull downs

Cobra pull down is a best way to get your lats through a larger range of motion than a regular pull down. As a result of where the hand rest in the starting position, your lats has to contract from a much more lengthened position.

Here is how to do it:

Try positioning a bent bench a little bit in front of a capable pulley & kneel sideways on the seat. Lean a part of your body against the top, and use your anchor arm to hook over the top of the bench. Try unlocking the shoulder blade of your outside, then stretch it up and grab the handle. Next, set your shoulder down and pull through your lat, making sure that your elbow is in line with your wrist and not behind. This will help you in developing muscles faster and making you more physically fit.

2. Barbell Z press

This exercise helps to expose virtually any weakness in your minor muscles that could hold you back during big lifts.

This helps to make your hips very flexible, as well as improving your back and shoulders.

How do you do it?

Try sitting your butt with your knees straight & try not to have any back support. By doing so, maintain a proper upright posture at all times. This exercise can also be performed with a dumbbell to double as a great stability exercise for your oblique’s.

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3. Partial lifts

Instead of lifting all the way for 3 sets, try lifting it in the first, second and in the third set, lift it completely. Try to reserve the load progression so that you can lift more weight on the first set and less weight during the second and third. Keep on doing this lift and your muscles mass will increase rapidly.

Image Courtesy by: jackedfactory.com, independent.co.uk

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