3 Ways You Can Stay Energetic All Day


We all need energy to act, and to function in our daily lives. Staying energetic doesn’t only make you get through your day with ease, but it also has a great role to play in your health. You can stay alert all day, full of energy, rather than feeling like a weakling that will have you lazying around and not meeting up with your goals for the day. Below are some ways to stay energetic all day.

1. Solar Power1

The sun gives the vitamin D nutrient, which is important for the regulation of calcium and phosphorus absorption, maintenance of healthy bones and teeth, and also reduces the risk of certain health complications. It also provides the body with essential B12 and, of course, makes you energetic.

Get out into the sun and get the solar power; it is usually advisable to stay in the sun for 30 minutes at a time. Between 10 AM and 2 PM, will be the best time to do this. You really don’t have to use sunscreen, just bare your skin and expose it to the sun as much as you can.

2. Turn off the Lights before Bedtime2

If you really want to wake up feeling energetic, you have to sleep right, and this includes not exposing your eyes to so much light about an hour before bed time. Light affects our circadian rhythm strongly enough that you may wake up with a very tired look.

Avoid staying in a bright room or using your phone or computer before sleeping, you should at least allow some time to pass (without the lights) before you sleep. Melatonin levels are reduces with bright lights and brain cells are fired, which is not healthy for you.

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3. Drink a Lot of Water3

You will do yourself a great deal of good by drinking water very early in the morning, as it helps to ignite your energy. It is advisable to drink at least half your body weight daily, and if you sweat more, you should drink extra.

The amazing thing about this is that, by taking water in bits, you end up drinking so much at the end of the day. So, whenever you can, drink water! However, coffee, energy drinks, and so on, shouldn’t substitute water as they won’t work as water would.

Above are 3 ways you can stay energetic all day, and to keep your body fueled continually.


image couresy: isha.sadhguru.org, processindustryforum.com, yourteenmag.com, ivansjps.tk.

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