3 Ways to Change Your Taste Buds

Sometimes how things taste in our mouth seem quite different from the way another explains that taste. Most of the times, the different tastes we get about a particular food make us get attached to so much likeness for that food or not like it at all and this might get some other person that tasted the same meal confused. He or she might have a different opinion because it tastes quite different.

Things like this happen often and this is as a result of our taste buds. Taste buds depend on the individual because every individual has different taste buds, we have the hypo tasters and the hyper tasters. The hypo tasters have a higher tolerance for tannin and bitterness. They love food with strong flavors like chilies while the hypo tasters perceive lower intensities of the taste of a particular thing. They love subtle flavors and moderate textures.

Sometimes certain health rules we try to adopt require us to eat certain food, but it gets difficult because of the type of taste bud we have.

How to change your taste buds

Here are a few ways that can help you change your taste buds

1. Start small

If you are a hyper taster and you have difficulties with eating bitter things, but still want to be able to taste some bitter food with ease, start small. Do not go jumping directly into bitter food, you can start with something that is not so bitter to help you get used to the taste, for example, you can start with white cabbage before moving to broccoli.

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2. Stage your changes

When you decide to change, do it step by step, don’t feel it can happen all in a day. You can go from high percent diary milk to a very low percent of cocoa, and with time you improve to a higher percent. When it comes to things like sugar, you can measure it with teaspoons and then reduce the quantity of teaspoons and then with the passage of time add none.

3. Try combining

If you wish to change your taste buds, try combining the meals you are not so used to, to ones you prefer. This will help you eat the ones you do not really like without feeling much difference.

Image courtesy of: medicaldaily.com, ngm.nationalgeographic.com, bbc.com.

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