3 Ways to Prevent Over-training

Over-training does not only occur when you carry heavy weights or train hard at a physical exercise. It can also occur with little work and labor. Over-training happens when your body is put under a force that it cannot handle at that particular moment. So if you were dead hungry and someone gave you a carton filled with books to carry, your body would not be able to handle that at that moment and hence be over trained at that, time even though the load itself would not be that heavy for an average individual.

The following are three ways you can prevent your body from ever being over trained.

1. Eat your carbohydrates

Despite the bad hype that sugar and other carbohydrates have been under in the health world for decades, they are very crucial and essential elements in the smooth functioning of the body to prevent it from being over trained. Carbohydrates are used by the body to provide energy, the absence of which leads to the body being weak and tired and hence very easy to over train. If adequate levels are in your body all the time by never skipping a meal, your body will always be stocked on energy and hence will take more effort and strain to get you into a condition of overt raining.

2. Sleep

If you are tired and decide to go for a workout, it will not take much for your body to be over trained. Sleep helps to reboot and refresh body systems, giving it more energy, impetus and drive to do more. Sleep also helps your body to recover from any hard work and over-training that it might have gone through and should be a big part of anyone working out.

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3. Limits

Even after your body has been well fed and rested and you go for a workout, you must know when that energy will run out and when it will enter a stage where it is being overworked. Also for a guy, your testosterone level starts to drop after an hour of intense workouts. Testosterone is a major hormone responsible for maintaining and boosting muscle functions. If reduces, muscles drop in their function.

Cortisol  the stress hormone is also released at this time, replacing testosterone and cortisol in excessive amounts break down muscle fibers. This in conjunction with lowering testosterone, helps to get the body into a state of over-training. So after an hour, guys should start rounding up their physical activities.

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