3 Ways to Have a Spotless Skin

Having a skin full of spots can actually make you lose self-confidence, as a result of making you feel that, you are not pretty as you used to be in your teenage. If you have spots on your skin, it is as a result of what you do and what you consume, which you have to take note of.

Below are ways to ensure that you have a spotless skin.

1. Try to identify the type of skin you have

Make sure you know the type of skin you have, this would enable you to determine what you should apply on your skin. Wash your face, wait for an hour, dab your nose and forehead with tissue. See if doing so feels particularly dry, oily or sensitive to the touch. This would help you identify the kind of skin you possess.Skin types are usually dry, oily and sensitive. Every person’s skin varies from the other person and you knowing the kind of skin you have, would help you know, how to keep your skin clear and spotless.

2. Wash your face

Use lukewarm water, carefully rub a soft cloth or sponge on your face with your fingertips. This doesn’t only makes your face clear but it also helps to make you feel refreshed. Don’t scrub your skin, it can lead to irritation as well as making acne more likely to occur. Try to also wash your face twice a day when you wake up as well as before going to bed.Also, when you sweat, try to wash your face. In case you decide to use additional products, such as toner or moisturizer, or acne treatment, make sure you check the instructions on each process.

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3. Eat healthy

In making or keeping your face spotless, try to consume healthy food. It includes fruits, vegetables, the fresher the better. Fruits are very rich in vitamins and vegetables are rich in minerals. They make the skin very healthy. Avoid refined carbohydrates, like white bread or cake, this could increase the spots on your skin.

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