3 Ways to Thicken and Widen Your Body

Have you ever imagined yourself being one of those big players that play American football. Do you think that you could ever be one of them.Well you could be, at least in size.

To be a really good footballer, you need to be really wide and very thick, not of fat, but of built up muscles, and the following are three ways that you can achieve this.

They will not happen overnight, and they will require that you work extremely hard, consistently for a very long time. But eventually, you could even fool some by saying that you were once a player, all due to your size.

1. Work your shoulders thoroughly

One almost universal theme you will notice about broad and thick people is that their shoulders are well built. When your shoulders are big and strong, they give an impression of a broad and thick body and they are also the pacesetters for a lot of your muscles to expand as well, such as the triceps.

Working your shoulder muscles does not look as it sounds. Many people, including a lot of professional body builders only concentrate on the anterior of their shoulders, the part that they can see in the mirror, ignoring the medial and posterior parts that are equally important. Perform one-arm rows, shrugs, reverse pec deck, shoulder presses, lateral raises, bent-over raises, and Arnold press to build all the three parts of your muscles.

2. Do more repeats

Numerous researches have shown that doing more repeats of an exercise in a set increases hypertrophy of muscles, to expand and widen you. One research shows that 30 repeats a set or numbers in that high range work, like magic in boosting muscle size. But repeats of 6 to 12 will work wonderfully as well for those who do not have the ability to hit those high repeat ranges.

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3. Compound lifts

Acquiring a broad and thick body means developing your upper portion that is chest, back, shoulders, abs, obliques, delts, traps, pecs, and etcetera. All these will take different workouts to strengthen, such as deadlifts, squats, lateral raise, bent-over dumbbell raise, shoulder presses, bench presses, rows, reverse pec deck, and Arnold presses, any of which if left out, will cause one muscle group or the other not to expand properly, and hence not widen you much or not widen you uniformly.

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