3 Ways Yoga Improves Your Teeth

Weird right Yoga boosting the health of your teeth is not something that comes to your mind when thinking of the benefits of yoga. But this is what makes yoga such a wonderful procedure for your body, improving both the areas you expect and the areas you do not expect.

The following are three ways yoga boosts the health of your teeth.

1. Reduces stress

Yoga is of course a well known stress reliever and stress, just like yoga has a lot of unforeseen consequences, including for your teeth. People who are stressed tend to bruxite or grind their teeth, wearing and chirping away tooth material, making it quite uneven at the top and unpleasant to look at.

Dry mouth can also occur in people who are stressed, a condition that makes very little saliva to be released into the mouth, which then contributes to tooth decay. Saliva contains enzymes and other compounds that fight against bacteria in the mouth, keeping it clean and healthy and if enough is not produced, bacteria are free to grow in the mouth, including in the teeth, causing tooth decay. Stressed people are also less likely to take care of their teeth and in fact their entire body, increasing the chances that microorganisms will flourish and cause tooth decay, among other mouth complications.

2. Corrects posture

Bad posture does not only affect your back and spine, it also affects your mouth and jaws. Your teeth are misaligned as your jaw moves forward, causing a complication called TMJ disorder which can cause serious pain in both the jaw and the face, making swallowing and chewing difficulty and increasing the likelihood of teeth grinding taking place. Yoga can help to both correct and prevent this TMJ disorder, by improving posture.

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3. Handles inflammations

When you are stressed, your body tends to swell up in certain areas, including in your mouth, causing inflammations. Stress may also worsen existing inflammations, including those caused by bacteria in the mouth. Yoga helps to reduce stress and hence reduce inflammations in the mouth and in the gum, which might degrade teeth.

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