3 Workout Shortcuts to build Muscle and Burn More Calories


Meeting up with your fitness goal isn’t a day’s job, as it requires your time and effort. However, you don’t really have to work all day and night long before achieving your aim; there are easier ways to make this happen. This doesn’t change the fact the racing through your routine can increase your risk of injury, but there are some time saving tricks that you can try out.

Below are 3 workout shortcuts to build muscles and burn more calories, without having to over-stress yourself:

1. Interval cardio

Interval cardio has been proven effective in weight loss in a short period of time. You can try cardio exercises like walking, jogging, running, swimming, and so on. This helps to burn more calories fast, and even faster when done in intervals.

For example, you can walk and jog at intervals for some minutes. To get the best of this exercise, you have to be consistent with it. Choose to walk to a place that isn’t too far, rather than flagging down a cab, or take a stroll while you are on a long call. You can also decide to jog at evenings after a very long day.

2. Pyramid training

Pyramid training is a fast and safe exercise used in muscle training, and can be employed as an upward or downward sequence in weight or reps. The founder of Scott’s Training Systems known as Scott Keppel recommends that you choose weights accordingly to the number of reps that are being performed, and the weight for 20reps will be considerably lower than the weight for 6reps. As the sets progress, you can increase the weight.

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3. Drop sets

This exercise is a time saving one when used with smaller muscle groups like the biceps and triceps. It begins with the regular lifting poundage and then reduces the weight in each following set, and a huge oxygen deficit and hormonal response follows. However, it is important that you do it right, by ensuring that each drop set occurs just immediately after the last rep of set. This should be done quickly without a halt.


You can quicken the period of time spent in achieving your fitness goal, by trying out short-cut exercises like the ones explained above.




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