The 3 Worst Foods for Appetite Control

When hunger grips you and you need something to eat, or rather, to control your appetite, what do you opt for? There are certain foods that seem to be fulfilling but in reality, they are not. Many of these foods only give you a burst of energy at first and then it’s all gone in a matter of minutes or one or two hours. Some foods are just bad ideas for appetite control, which you probably don’t know about. Below are some of them.

1. Protein bars

These are food bars with a high proportion of protein contained in them. While this seems great for appetite control due to its protein content, it may just lead to more cravings. It however depends on the kind of protein bar you purchase. If it is paired with simple sugar carbs and artificial flavors, you are definitely not helping your appetite. But, if on the other hand, it includes more whole foods like nuts, seeds, and dried fruits, it’s great! Ensure that you check the label on protein bars before purchasing them to be sure of exactly what you’re getting.

2. Breakfast cereal

Kali O’Mard, a New York-based fitness trainer says, “Skip your sugar-coated crispies or marshmallow-packed oats if you want to keep your appetite under control. Many people do not realize that most of these breakfast cereals are loaded with refined carbohydrates and added sugars, and have little or no satiating protein. After eating your cereals, you might feel full at first, but after the blood sugar plummets, you will be thinking of eating something else again. For breakfast cereal options, opt for protein-rich with little or no added sugars.

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3. Donuts

Donuts may look satisfying, but they really are not, as they contain carbs and sugar that gets easily burned and you’re back to your hungry state again. Valerie Dickerson, staff dietitian at Wellspring at Structure House says, “Baked goods are simple carbohydrates that are rapidly broken down and digested by the body, leading to highs and lows in energy and poor appetite control. Many people do not experience a sustained feeling of fullness when they eat these refined carbohydrates, even when the donuts are chock full of calories and fat.”

Now you know why you feel hungry even after eating certain meals to curb hunger. Before you choose a meal to control your appetite, be sure that you are choosing the right one.

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