3 Worst Ideas for Dinner You Thought Were Healthy

What you take for dinner before hitting the sheets, actually matters a lot to your health. This isn’t necessarily about stuffing yourself with veggies or eating very little. It is about the food content, the form they take, and how or when you eat them. Some foods are great for breakfast or lunch, but they might not be a healthy option for dinner.

You might probably know the “obvious” unhealthy meals you should avoid, but hardly does anyone ever talks about these so called “healthy meals” that should be avoided for dinner. Keep reading to know about¬†these meals.

1. Peanut butter and jelly

This meal isn’t just delicious, it is quick, easy and comforting. While this may be a great idea for dinner to have an awesome night rest, you should think twice because the white bread and jelly are sugar in disguise. Don’t be carried away by the protein and healthy fat in the peanut butter, because it is much more about balancing. You may end up eating something unhealthy, as the add-ins to the peanut butter will overshadow its original benefits.

You can rather opt for whole wheat bread, zero sugar jam, and use almond butter instead of the regular peanut butter, to get healthier benefits of vitamin E, magnesium and calcium. You can also top up with fruits and vegetables.

2. Cereal

Most cereals have a high sugar content and low protein and fiber, which isn’t a healthy option, as it should be the other way round. It’s best that you opt for a clean cereal with more than 5 grams of fiber and less than 10 grams of sugar per serving, if you really crave cereal for dinner.

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3. Just a salad

Salad is probably one of the most healthy meals you can think of, since it contains veggies, but you may be wrong for having it for dinner. The truth is, salad won’t fill you up longer than an hour or two, even if it were a large bowl serving, as it has lesser protein content and number of calories.

When after an hour, you get hungry and feel the need to eat, you will most likely go for junks, which won’t be a healthy decision. To make your bowl of salad a great dinner option, you can add lean protein and healthy fat.

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