3 Worst Things To Do Before You Run

In fitness, it already seems like you are always being told what to do and how to go about everything, and even though you might have been a runner for sometime now, it’s likely you still don’t know all there is to it. There are common mistakes a lot of runners make and until they get it right, they just may never get the results they are lookin for. Below are a few things to not do before you run.

1. Eat close to your run

Eating within two hours to your run may give you cramps or make you nauseated. If you have to run after work or in the evenings, it should be much easier to avoid eating two hours prior to the time, because you should have taken something earlier in the day.

However, if you have to run in the morning, you may feel the need to take something just before you hit the road. It’s best you skip breakfast before the run. Always ensure you eat something after the run, to help refuel your body and build your muscles.

2. Static stretching

Over the years, you have probably learned how important it is to stretch before a workout. Recent research, however, has found that static stretching is not the best for a runner. This is because it may lead to lower starts and greater perceived effort, and may even decrease your ability to stride naturally.

A 30 to 60 seconds static stretching lengthens the muscle, which can affect the signals between the muscle and the brain. This triggers a protective reflex that inhibits the muscles from over-stretching and are not able to contract as forcefully, thereby decreasing the strength and power of the muscle for a short time later.

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You can rather opt for a dynamic warm up, a series of movements designed to increase body temperature, activate the nervous system, increase range of motion and correct limitations.

3. Drinking too close to your run

Drinking is important to keep the body hydrated, but it is usually not advisable if you are going on a long run for an hour or more. If that’s the case, you can drink water about an hour before your run, but not too close, to avoid having a running stomach or stopping to go to the toilet. Also ensure you don’t take drinks with too much of sugar, as it can cause acid re-flux and will likely disturb your run.

These are three things you probably don’t pay much attention to but they may be affecting how you run.

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