4 Advantages of a Higher Metabolism Rate

Your metabolic rate can be a measure of how healthy you are. Metabolism refers to all the chemical reactions that take place in your body to keep you alive. These functions range from digestion to burning sugars to give you energy. The following are four reasons why you should boost your metabolic rate.

1. Losing Weight

Are you thinking of losing weight? Then this is a great way to do it. Your metabolic rate determines how quickly your body is using up the sugar in your bloodstream. The faster it uses up sugar, the higher your metabolic rate. A high metabolic rate allows for more sugar and cholesterol to be used up, so that more of your body fat reserves are broken down and released into the blood. As more fat reserves are released into the blood to replace the sugars you have used up, the more weight you shed.

2. Less chance of developing cardiovascular disease

A higher metabolic rate reduces your blood cholesterol and sugar levels in the long term, which in turn reduces the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart attack or other diseases like type 2 diabetes and stroke. This is because these diseases are usually caused by particles blocking the blood vessels, such as sugar and cholesterol.

3. Energy

As more sugar is burnt, more energy is released for the cells and muscles to perform their functions. This translates into more energy for you to do your workout, daily activities or sports or competitions. It will take you longer to get tired.

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4. Improves brain function

A higher metabolic rate means more blood is pumped to your brain as the heart becomes stronger. This sends more oxygen and sugar to the brain, where the brain cells will also metabolize them at a faster rate. You will find that you are more alert and attentive, able to reason well and think better than before. Your memory also becomes much better. All of these will give you the energy and motivation to overcome any challenges in your work or personal life.

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