4 Anxiety Strategies

Anxiety can come from a situation that is really getting you bothered. It can be a fear of an unforeseen event, it can also come from tension from work and the environment. Mentioned below are a few strategies that can help us when we are anxious.

1. Self talk

Blocking anxiety out can be a way of increasing it. Talking to your self might seem like a very silly solution, although funny, it actually works, it can be the leading solution to your problem. Self talk helps you to face the reality of your problem and helps you to talk it out which makes you feel better. When it comes to fear, talking to your self can make you confident.

People can talk fear out of their mind by constantly assuring themselves that everyone gets scared and it is a normal thing. Such self talks give you a little confidence and help you to get rid of your fears. When you are anxious about a particular thing, most of the times the mind makes the situation look much bigger than it really is. Therefore, it is important for you to talk to your self, so as not to follow the exaggeration your mind has made.

2. Breathing

Breathing is  an easy way of releasing your self from anxiety. When you are anxious, the way you breath tends to change. To reduce anxiety, take very deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling deeply. Breathing deep helps to slow the heart rate and reduce anxiety.

It is important that when you are anxious, you observe the way you breath, avoid breathing through your mouth, make sure you breathe slowly from you’re your nostrils.

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3. Exercise

Exercising helps you when you are anxious, it helps to boost your mood. According to research, exercising when you are anxious, gives you effective results. Exercising whenever you are down, helps to remove your mind totally from the problem. Exercising when you are down can be like taking a pain relieving medication when you are in pain.

4. Meditation

Meditation helps you to concentrate and become totally aware of your problems and current situation. It helps you to figure out quick solutions to your problems too. Whenever you are anxious, it is important that you move away from things like television, phones or any form of noise and distraction, just focus and reflect. This will help to relieve you from anxiety when you are tensed.

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