4 Benefits of Boxing

Boxing isn’t a common sport people like to get engaged in, because it feels painful and it doesn’t really look very safe. On the contrary, boxing is one of the best sports one can get involved in. Whether you want to lose weight, keep fit or build a great physique, boxing does all of this. It covers the major areas of fitness anyone can think of, it is not all about the punches you have to receive, it actually has a lot behind.

1. A healthy heart

Keeping the heart healthy is the priority of almost every one, a unhealthy heart can affect so many organs in your body. To keep our hearts healthy, we usually try to watch what we eat and involve our selves in different work out routines like running etc. Boxing can serve as one of the work out routines that can keep one’s heart healthy and strong. It serves the same function as running on a field. Boxing is a great cardiovascular exercise that helps to keep the heart pumping.

2. Saves time

Sometimes when we really need to exercise, one responsibility or the other comes up preventing us from exercising regularly. But with boxing, you can achieve more in just a few minutes. Boxing can serve the great purpose which weight lifting and other cardio exercises do in our body. Research has shown that with boxing, in just 30 minutes, you can achieve the same thing you will achieve in hours of lifting weights and other cardio exercises.

3. Gives you great abs

So many people are into one exercise or the other that will help them to get the perfect mid section and they leave boxing out. Boxing is a very good exercise that helps you get that perfect abs you have been looking for, and this works for both males and females.

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4. Helps to burn calories

Boxing is an effective calorie burner. Research has shown that, with boxing you can burn 390 calories in 30 minutes. Well, this is just perfect. Instead of wasting so much time indulging your self in other numerous exercises to burn calories, you can just decide to go for boxing.

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