4 Best Tips to Lose Dangerous Love Handles Quickly

lose love handlesPeople may take the phrase “love handles” lightly but this actually refers to the fat that is deposited around the waist. These fat deposits do not only look unattractive but they are dangerous to the health as well. People though are able to do something about their love handles by modifying their lifestyles a little.

Tip1: Losing Fat All the Way

The love handles that people develop are actually their extra fat in their abdomen. They have to realize that this type of fat is dangerous to their health because they can develop metabolic disorders as well as heart diseases. Individuals with love handles have to see to it that they reduce the fat around their waistline in order for them to decrease their risk of acquiring diabetes or the risk from suffering cardiac arrest.

However, people who would only work on their abdominal fat and would not want to work on other body parts will not be successful because they cannot work on one part of their body only. If there is such a thing as improving certain body parts only, then most people will not have any problem as they can attain perfect body proportion. In reality though, people who would like to work on their love handles will have to work on all of the fat all over their bodies as well.

Doing some cardio exercises will help people burn their fat faster. They can also do some strength training in order for them to develop lean muscles which will help in getting rid of dangerous love handles faster. It is also important that people control their caloric intake so that their bodies will not be storing excess energy in the form of body fat. People who would like to succeed in getting rid of their dangerous love handles have to include these things in their program.

Tip 2: Developing Obliques

There are muscles found on both sides of the abdomen and these are call obliques. These function as a frame for the muscles in the abdomen which people commonly refer to as 6-pack abs. The obliques also provide the body with the strength that it needs to make twisting and turning possible. At times though, they cannot be seen because they are covered with love handles.

Individuals have to develop their obliques so that they may be able to burn calories faster and they will have the proper abdominal muscles that they can show especially after their love handles have vanished.

Getting rid of dangerous love handles is possible by performing exercises that are recommended by the famous American Council on Exercise especially in developing obliques such as the bicycle crunching, the captain’s chair leg raising and the vertical leg crunching.

Bicycle crunching involves the individual to lie down in supine position and do some crunching and twisting while doing leg pedaling just like when riding a bicycle. The captain’s chair leg raising needs exercise equipment or fixture that is usually found in most exercise gyms. The vertical leg crunching is done with the legs being raised perpendicularly to the ground while doing crunching movements.

Tip 3: Fat Burning Foods in the Diet

People should refrain from eating foods that contain too much sugar or sodium because these foods tend to add up to their weight. Getting rid of dangerous love handles would require them to eat foods that actually facilitate the reduction of belly fats. Medical experts recommend that individuals include healthy fats in their diet like olive oil, nuts as well as salmon and they should also include at least several servings of calcium that come from vegetables and dairy products plus lots of foods that contain fiber such as fruits, vegetable as well as whole grain foods.

These kinds of foods are digested gradually so people do not have the urge to eat even after a few hours. They may also add green tea in their meal plans to make fat-burning more effective. Individuals may drink up to three cups in a day in order for them to speed up their metabolism and to make their immune system stronger.

Tip 4: Checking Wardrobe

People can do some tricks in getting rid of their dangerous love handles as they can make their clothes fit them very well. Tight clothes provide an illusion where love handles may appear even in people who are slim. Individuals who have worked seriously on getting rid of dangerous love handles should not ruin it by trying to squeeze in their bodies into tight fitting clothes like jeans as they may appear overflowing from it.

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