4 Changes That Your Body Experiences When You Stop Exercising

It is important to continue exercising, especially when once you start. This is important to keeping you fit and maintaining your stamina. Although it can be hard, but then your body naturally adapts with the exercise and you can raise the intensity of your workouts. It is important to know that you must not overdo it, otherwise you can injure yourself. However, when you stop working out, there are some changes that will occur.

1.Loss in flexibility

One thing that has been discovered about people who stop working out after a week or more is that their backs become stiff. This has even discouraged people from resuming their exercising. Steady exercise causes your body to be more flexible, your muscles and joints are warmed and lubricated respectively.

2. Muscle loss

In fact, a very obvious change that your body experiences is muscle loss. As you exercise, your fat is built into muscles so that you look toned. However, when you stop exercising the firm muscles become soft and squishy.

3. Fatigue

One of the benefits of exercising is the mental stress relieving qualities it has. When you stop exercising, as your body begins to become stiff, you also begin to feel tired. You tend to constantly feel sluggish and you might even feel depressed, as you become mentally tired. You feeling tired even will make you feel depressed and feel like you cannot achieve your fitness goals that is exercise. This will probably make you lazy, because you will not be able to do things in the same energetic way you used to do.

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4. Increased disease risk

Do you recall that one of the importance of exercising is to make you fit and healthy.Well, if you stop exercising, your body is in its weakened state, you are more prone to fall sick. This is because you are not as strong in your body and your immune system is weak. You can be attacked by various diseases like cancer, heart diseases, eye problems or even diabetes. Therefore, note that you are putting yourself at high risk of getting sick.

Therefore, continue exercising and if you have stopped, get back to it.Do not neglect it. There are simple ways to go back to exercising.

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