4 Common Workout Injuries

Exercises, especially the high impact ones, pose a very high risk of injuries. Injury can occur due to a variety of reasons, that may include lack of concentration, overdoing that is over exercising and others. It is always difficult to go back to your normal exercise routine, after getting injured. While injury is inevitable sometimes, you should do all you can to prevent unnecessary accidents. Here are some common workout injuries and ways to avoid them.

1. Biceps tendinitis

This refers to inflammation of the biceps tendon in your upper arm. It mostly occurs due to normal weakening, that takes place as you get older. However, when you perform some activities like golfing, playing tennis and lifting weights, the repetitive movements can lead to injury due to overstretching of this tendon. It usually presents with shoulder pain and weakness. The pain usually gets worse when you lift your arm over your head. You can reduce risk of biceps tendinitis by giving yourself enough time to rest, between activities and performing different activities to prevent repetitive motions.

2. Rotator cuff injury

Like biceps tendinitis, this is caused by repetitive overhead arm movements. The rotator cuff refers to the 4 “SITS” muscles, that stabilize your shoulder joint. It is characterized by shoulder pain that worsens, when you try to move your arm above your head, behind or sideways. It is caused by activities like baseball and swimming. To prevent this, you should avoid lifting heavy weights over your head and practice good posture.

3. Tibial stress syndrome

This is also known as shin splints and it is mostly seen in runners.  It occurs as a result of muscle inflammation, that causes you to feel pain around the inner part of your tibia or shinbone. Shin splints mostly occur when you suddenly start working out more intensely or frequently. You can avoid this by increasing your workout frequency and intensity in a gradual manner, instead of trying to do everything all at once.

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4. Ankle sprain

This refers to tearing of your ankle ligaments, which usually occurs, when your ankle is twisted. It is a common injury that can occur even when you are not exercising. To avoid it, perform your outdoors exercises on level ground, as opposed to uneven surfaces.

Exercising, like most other activities comes with its risks. However, you shouldn’t let this deter you from achieving your workout goals. Just take necessary precautions to avoid accidents.

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