4 Desserts for Weight Loss You Will Love

4 Desserts for Weight Loss You Will LoveIn case you have being avoiding dessert as a result of you being scared of gaining weight, there is some great news for you. You just need to make the wise choice about what dessert you eat. This dessert should have a reasonable amount of calories and this will not affect your weight, but instead help to lose weight in fact. Choose desserts that have all the essential nutrients which will help you to lose weight.

Below are some desserts that can help you lose weight.

1. Chai pudding

Chai seeds are full of fibers and they are very healthy. They contain omega 3 fats which helps to improve cognitive performance, which in turn encourages you to make smart dietary decisions. Unlike processed pudding cups, which can be peeled open on a whim, you have to wait for chai seeds to soak in before you can safely consume it. Combine 3 tablespoons of chia seeds with ¾ cup chilled coconut milk. Then mix and let it sit for 30 minutes and put fresh berries on top. You will get the same creamy mouth feel that normal pudding provides.

2. Greek yogurt, dark chocolate and honey

Greek yogurt contains less sugar and it has more proteins. It could be compared to ice cream. However, it helps to keep you healthy and fit. The consumption of Greek yogurt helps in rapid weight loss and it also helps in boosting your metabolism and lower your blood glucose level, which will keep your appetite in check and energy levels high. Yogurt also contains filling protein and honey as well as dark chocolate which will give your taste buds something sweet to satisfy your cravings.

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3. Chocolate cake pop

Each cake pop has a reasonable number of calories (140) and it also tastes really good. It helps in metabolism, which helps reduce your weight.

4. Whole Grain Cookies

Sugary crabs without any fibers can give you’re a quick energy boost that can fade fast and leave you feeling hungry. But these whole grain treats that come in flavors such as Pumpkin spice & Peanut butter cup. They all contain fibers, vitamins and minerals, which are very necessary in the body and help with weight loss.

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