4 Easy Methods to Slash Calories

Looking for ways to reduce your calorie intake? If yes, then this article is just what you need.

1. Take black coffee instead

Understand that to slash calories, you’ll have to scrutinize even the mundane substances you consume, such as the morning coffee. Drinking coffee every morning is a normal thing, but have you ever paused to wonder the amount of calories in every cup of coffee you drink?

Just hold that thought and let me help you out. A grande latte with no sugar, for example has up to 220 calories. Considering the sweeteners, that are at times added, we are talking about nothing less than 500 calories. So it is way preferable to opt for black coffee instead or even brew your own coffee (if you can).

2. Drop the Coke!

Yeah, that’s right. You really need to drop the coke and its ‘extended family’ if you intend to reduce your calorie intake. And by its ‘extended family’, I hope you know that soda and even diet coke is not excluded. You’d be amazed how staying off these sweetened beverages can rescue you from more a hundred and twenty (120) calories every day.

3. Try fiber foods in the mornings

If you are really serious about slashing your calories, then you should start considering to consume fiber foods for breakfast instead of all the sweet-but-no-nutrient cereals out there. The reason for this is that fiber foods will keep your satiable throughout the day, thereby reducing your craving for more food, which will definitely impact your calorie count.

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Believe me, this is no fiction. It actually works and has been affirmed by a dietitian at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the clinical instructor at Baylor College of Medicine, Kristi King. The same fact was also reaffirmed by a study that was published in the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism. In this study, it was confirmed that the participants consumed 31% less calories every day because they had a fiber-rich breakfast in contrast to those who did not.

4. Avoid temptations

You need to understand and accept the fact that as Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, cutting your calories is not a single day’s job. It will be a progressive realization, but while you work towards that goal, you must make conscious and positive efforts to resist temptations as much as you can.

Start by not keeping foods that you know will spike your calorie intake as well as not going to eateries that are reputed to serve such foods.

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