4 Flat Tummy Workouts you can do while in your car

One does not always need a gym to get the perfect abs! Tummy exercises can be done anytime and anywhere! They can be done in the gym, in your home, at your work desk, or even in your car. Yes, you read it right! You can do some of the very effective ab exercises in your cars as well. Here are 4 ab forming workouts you can do while in your car.

1. Abdominal Circles

While sitting on the seat, make sure that your back remains straight. Slowly contract your lower abs muscles in for at least five seconds, then your upper ab muscles for 5 seconds, and finally your left ab muscles for 5 seconds, to get a full circular abdominal work-out. Take a break, and repeat these for at least sixty seconds.

2. Knee Lifts

This exercise can easily be done in the car. For this, keep your hands behind your head, and your legs stretched apart to the sides. Contract your abdominal muscles by breathing in. As you exhale, move your left knee inwards towards your abdomen, and your right elbow towards the leg knee, to meet it halfway. Repeat with the other leg and elbow, and do this exercise for at least one minute.

3. Lower Back Reaches

In the same position as you were in for the knee lifts, bend forward to make your right elbow touch your left knee, and then bend your left elbow to touch your right knee. Repeat at least fifteen reps of this exercise as well!

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4. Ab Vacuums

The simplest, but one of the most effective exercises, is the ab vacuums. All you need to do in this exercise is to inhale deeply. While you exhale, contract your belly button in towards your spine, and hold in that position for at least twenty seconds. Repeat this exercise for at least one minute, and do this every time you are commuting in the car, in order to get a flat stomach and to start seeing that perfect abs.

Repeat the above mentioned workout and exercises every time you are commuting in a car. While these exercises may sound simple, they will definitely give you that flat stomach! Remember, that in order to see the best results, you must ensure that you are eating a healthy diet as well, so that your results can show up quickly, and you can easily get the perfect abs!

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