4 Foods to Aid Appetite Loss

Appetite loss is the reduction of one’s desire to eat. This could be caused by illness or the psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety. Therefore, since we know that some specific types of foods contain nutrients and other healthy ingredients, one should try to eat those foods in order to heal and recover.

Below are some foods to aid appetite loss.

1. Protein-rich foods

Dairy products such as yogurt, cottage, cheese and ice cream are protein rich food choices that may be tolerable to you in case you have a low appetite due to their light flavor and are very easy to swallow. Mixing ice cream or milk with a protein powder or instant breakfast drink mix, can help in providing additional nutrients, which enables your appetite loss to get the most nutrition from a small amount of food you may consume.

2. Bland foods

Bland food such as crackers and plain cooked rice are suitable for you if have appetite loss issues. Foods that are spicy, greasy, or high in fat and sugar may produce further nausea or vomiting and should be avoided during the times of illness until your appetite is back to normal. After that you can eat the food you desire.

3. Sufficient fluids

In case you have loss of appetite which might be caused by illness, you are advised to take drinks that have sufficient fluids to prevent dehydration. Hence, try taking more fluids which include all the nutrients present in other foods that you might not be able to take as a result of appetite loss.

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4. Flavorful foods

If you have a low appetite due to your taste buds going bland as you grow older, or you are forced to eat a bland diet due to medical reasons, you may want to try adding low sodium herbs and spices such as garlic, pepper or cinnamon as well as vinegar, lemon juice.

According to BBC Health, in order to make meals more flavorful and enjoyable. For those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, or those taking certain medications that have a metallic taste in your mouth, rinse your mouth before you eat. This may be a way to reduce the metallic taste and help you regain your appetite.

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