4 Foods To Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight


Food is the essential and most central component that you have to center after amid your weight reduction attempts. A hefty portion of you folks will think a certain nourishment is solid for you after listening from some unreliable source. Numerous Food things even natural products may have nourishment in them however they are likewise low in fat. However, handled low-fat Foods are compelled to wind up low-fat and in this procedure they include sugar and numerous other unfortunate fixings to their selves. Numerous studies at this point have demonstrated that having a low-fat eating regimen is a totally wrong approach towards getting in shape. These are 4 food items which are hurtful for your bodies amid weight reduction.

1. Sugary drink

Replacing sugary drinks with water is one way to reduce your daily calorie consumption. It is easy to take in huge amounts of liquid calories because they don’t affect fullness like solid food does. Staying away from all sugary beverages can lead to a very healthy life as beverages like soda are often referred to as the main cause for many diseases. The artificial flavor in most of the sugary carbohydrate drinks acts as slow poison for your stomach if you regularly consume such liquids.

2. French fries

Potatoes might be a healthy food item but they are said to be one of the main reasons for so many fat people on the planet today. When you deep fry potato chips in oil, their characteristics change vastly and now they become more bloating and more cholesterol filled for your body. Try to eat boiled potatoes with spice if you have to.

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3. Cookies

Cookies were most popular two decades ago in the great 1990s. They were said to be nowhere close to the real cookies if compared upon taste. Because of that people apparently fell to eat more of them to fill their stomach and satisfy their taste buds to a certain extent. The danger in eating a lot of them is their sugar content which is sky high. Sticking to the real thing won’t hurt the body as much as eating a whole box of no fat cookies.

4. Frozen yogurt

This treat for people with a sweet tooth takes the top spot on my list. The main reason behind this is the sugar level of frozen yogurt. It contains even more sugar than regular ice cream. Full fat yogurt is considered as a very healthy choice for dieters because of lesser fat. 100 grams of low-fat frozen yogurt has 24 grams of sugar. While the exact same amount of ice cream has a total of 21 grams. Many of us enjoy flavored frozen yogurt instead of ice cream thinking that we are sparing ourselves of the sugar. Well, you should just opt for simple ice cream the next time.

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