4 Foods You Can Eat in the Morning

How’s your morning life? Are you a part of those who just wake up in the morning, dress up and the next thing is that you head out of the door and you totally forget about breakfast? Breakfast might be the last thing on your mind while you are headed out but you should note that it is very important for your body system to function properly.

So many times you hear people saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is not just a saying but research has actually shown that breakfast is needed by your system to keep you functioning properly through out the day.

Eating breakfast is one thing and another is eating it right. It is important to note that if you have to eat breakfast, you have to eat it right. You cannot just go about eating anything you see around, you have to eat breakfast and eat healthy. Below are some healthy breakfasts that can help you going in the morning.

1. Coffee

If you need to stay alert and focus throughout the day, you need to start your day with coffee. Coffee contains caffeine and helps to keep you alert. It makes your brain function properly and gets you ready for the day.

2. Berries

A dash of fruit should be included in your meal and berries are the perfect ones to go for. They are low in sugar and  full of anti oxidants, also very high in fiber. Berries help to keep the heart functioning well by protecting the heart and help with keeping the cells that line the blood vessels healthy. Any type of berry from the different types of berries can be taken for breakfast.

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3. Oat meal

To go with your berries, you can go for oat meal. Oat meal is high in fiber and this can help to keep you full for a very long time, helping you to remain active in the early hours of the day. Oat also contains a fiber known as beta-glucan which helps to lower the cholesterol in your body.

4. Egg

What is a great nutritious breakfast without egg? Eggs are super high in protein, therefore, help in repairing worn out tissues in the body. Eggs increase fullness, thereby making you eat less throughout the the day. Eggs help with the proper function of the liver and brain because of its content of choline.

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