4 Foods That Combat a Potbelly

By now, you are probably aware that the amount and type of food that you can eat can cause weight gain or weight loss. Everyone wants to have a flat belly and look attractive and fashionable, and to achieve this, you must watch what you eat, avoid any unhealthy foods and focus on the healthy ones. Here are some foods that will help you achieve and keep a flat belly.

 1. Mushrooms

An inadequacy in Vitamin D has been linked to abdominal obesity, so it is important to make sure that you are getting sufficient amounts of it. In colder seasons, when the sun is not really hot or when people expose themselves too much to the sun, this Vitamin is essential for the body. Mushrooms cultivated in UV light are a good source of Vitamin D and will not add to fat. It is very healthy and can be taken with a lot of things or added to a lot of meals, like soup etc.

 2. Soup

Studies have shown and continue to show that having soup before a meal reduces the caloric value of the meal. This helps in removing fat from your belly, hence making for a better shot at achieving a flat belly. Furthermore, it causes you to eat less, as the high fiber and low calorie soup makes you feel more full. As a result, it reduces your weight and causes less fat to develop in your belly, leading to a flat belly.

 3. Eggs

Eggs are a very rich source of animal protein and contain many other nutrients. A study was carried out on eggs and bagels to see which aided weight loss better. Note, the egg and bagel had the same amount of calories. It was found that the people who ate two eggs for breakfast while on a low calorie diet lost 65% more weight and had reduced hip circumference by 34% compared to the ones on bagels.

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 4. Spicy chilli peppers

Spicy chilli pepper has capsaicin, which is a compound that not only stimulates satisfaction, but also aids in burning fat in your body. It can be ground up and added to your meal when cooking, mixed in with your beverages, or even eaten raw if you don’t mind the heat.

Note, there are other foods apart from these that are good for developing and keeping a flat belly. Also, you must not deprive yourself from taking in some nutrients all in the name of combating a potbelly. Make sure that you eat a balanced diet in moderate amounts.

image courtesy of: totalgymdirect.com,, allrecipes.com, nutritiondiaries.com.

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