4 Foods That Helps to Balance Your Ph

The main idea behind you taking diet that help you to balance your pH is because, there are some food that can create acidic by product in your body after digestion. This can be reduce the negative effect of these acids by limiting acid-forming foods in your diet and eating foods that help to balance your pH in your body.

Here are foods that help to balance your pH.


Vegetables are used in helping to alkalize your body, these vegetables includes spinach, kale and seaweed. This helps in alkalizing your diet. It is best eaten in the least processed form. Taking it raw or steamed either is preferable. All types of seaweed are particularly alkalizing. You could also take herbal teas or fresh green vegetables.


Fruits help to alkalize the diet in your body. The few exception are blueberries, cranberries and plums. These are shown to be acidifying. It is recommended to eat fruits rate rather than cooked, pasteurized or processed food. This is because cooking can break down some vital nutrients such as Vitamin C in your fruits. Some of the best fruit are lemons, limes, figs and raisins. They are to be eaten fresh. it could be made in form of juice. Hence a food is alkalizing or acidifying is as a result of the amount of acid it actually produced when digested. Your body is affected by these waste chemicals, not the actual acidity of the food you take.

3.Nuts and seeds

Almonds, chestnuts, chia and sesame are all alkalizing. This can be alkalizing when soaked before consumed. Processed nut and seed oils are considered neutral, so eat these sparingly. These includes oils such as almond, sunflower, canola or sesame. It is therefore recommended to buy fresh ones, in order to help in balancing the pH in your body.

4.Grain and beans

In general grains and beans are acidic expect some such as millets, quinoa, amaranth, green peas  and  lima. This listed are exceptions the help in balancing the pH in your body. hence they are to be soaked before taken in order to balance your PH.

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