4 Great Songs to Work out To

If you are a member of a gym, you will be aware that many people work out there while listening to music. Music is a great way to keep on pushing your body to its limits while working out. If you have ever wondered about which songs are the best to listen to while working and motivate you increase your stamina and endurance, read on to learn about four great songs to listen while working out.

Keep in mind that the songs that I will recommend might not be suitable for you if you don’t like that genre of music. However, these songs have helped me immensely while working out, motivating me to push myself harder and harder with every passing day. Read on to find out which songs are the best to work out to.

1. Iron man by black Sabbath

This is the best song for your iron dungeon and working out. It is great for those times when you want to lift like a madman. This heavy metal song will give you an adrenaline rush and motivate you to push your body past its limits.

2. Instant Karma (We all shine on) by John Lennon

This is a great get-off-your-butt song. Produced by Phil Spector and featuring George Harrison on guitar, it was recorded the same day that it was written and was released ten days later. This is a very catchy tune that will having you jumping and dancing when you listen to it, which makes it a great song to work out.

3. Black Dog by Led Zeppelin

“Hey, hey, mama, said the way you move/Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove.” Page’s immortal riffs, Plant’s ungodly vocals and Bonham’s God of Thunder drumming will combine to have you pumping iron like a berserk Viking.

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4. Time for sum aksion by Redman

Mike Tyson supported this song’s bad-ass cred when he had it playing while stepping into the ring for his first fight after serving time in prison. Redman’s booming beats and out-of-control lyrics will get you seriously hyped to improve your body and keep on working out no matter how tired you are.

image courtesy of: fitradio.com.

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