4 Grooming Products to Keep You Fresh Without Taking a Bath

On a normal day, you’ve scheduled your day around a morning shower or even a quick rinse keeps oil, grime and odor in check, preserving your reputation, completion and comfort.

There isn’t just time sometimes. You ran late, you overslept, it was an emergency.

Don’t stress over whatever it is keeping you from a cleaning. With the right lineup of products, you can still freshen up. Here are five options to stash in your gym bag or in your car to keep you looking and smelling good all day.

1. Pack a couple of wipes

Storing some body wipes in your desk is the best thing you can do for yourself. There are wipes engineered to cleanse your body and face, even if a lot of people only associate wipes with personal care. Stash some people cleaning wipes for a full-body scrub, and some major essential face wipes to cleanse, hydrate and exfoliate your skin in one simple stroke.

2. Spray some dry shampoo

You probably don’t need to shampoo every day, since it washes away the natural oils that makes your hair healthy. That’s why your haircut is so shrub-like and your hair so dry, after you wash it. It lacks any form of natural hydration.

Dry shampoo is a great investment for those days when you don’t take a bath. It’s also a miracle worker if you wake up and don’t have any time to shower before leaving for the day. It sucks up all the excess grease in your hair, but doesn’t strip it entirely of moisture.

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3. Deodorize everywhere with antiperspirant spray

Since antiperspirants are made with aluminum, huge number of people avoid it. Though, most of those people shower daily and body odor buildup isn’t one of their concerns.

You might consider an all-over, break glass in-case of emergency antiperspirant spray, if you don’t have the time to wash away all your own filth. It can be sprayed just about everywhere your back, your pits or your upper thighs. Dry spray antiperspirant blocks sweat and body odor for up to 48 hours. But try to take a shower before those 48 hours.

4. Mattify while you moisturize

You can’t skip your grooming regimen altogether, even if you are skipping the shower. A moisturizer that’ll freshen up your face without making you look shiny is the next step.

You’ll need a moisturizer that keeps you looking alert, if your next face wash is hours, or a whole day away. A lightly tinted moisturizer that blends seamlessly into your skin is recommended. It’s enhance your skin tone, smooth over dark spots and tired eyes, it’s also minimize shine for the latter half of the day.

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