4 Healthy Beers

Yes, you read right, there indeed are beers that are healthy for you to drink, they are rare but they do exist. Not only they can replace the healthy ones that you drink at parties and other social get together, providing the same fun while eliminating the disadvantages and adding benefits, they can also be taken regularly as part of your diet, in moderate amounts.

The following are four beers that can be healthy for you.

1. Guinness

This famous brand of alcoholic drink has a lower calorie content than most of its other counterparts. It has 126 calories which is lower than the calorie content of Budweiser, by as much as 19 and lower than Heineken by as much as 24.

It also contains under 10 grams of carbohydrates, reducing your chances of weight gain, and which is lower than Sam Adams Boston Lager, which contains 18 grams of carbohydrates.All this is because of the very low alcohol content that it has 4.0.

2. Rolling Rock

Most beers that claim to be healthy are usually ‘light’ beers that are basically diluted version of heavy beers. This causes most of the fun to be removed from the beer, and no one wants to drink a weak beer.

This is where Rolling Rock comes in, it is still a heavy beer but is still more healthy than most others, and hence a great alternative. It contains 120 calories which is lower than most other beers.

3. Abita Purple Haze

One great advantage of this brand of beer is that they offer their drinks in different flavors, including Purple Haze, which has raspberry added to it, providing a lot of nutrients and vitamins which is rare among other beers and adding a distinct aroma and taste.Purple Haze also contains 11 grams of carbohydrates and 128 calories, a medium of alcoholic drinks.

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4. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

This drink is made with hops, foods that are packed with a bunch of minerals and nutrients that boost your health. They also contain poly-phenol antioxidant, that helps to reduce inflammations and cancer and also reduce cholesterol and stimulates the body to burn more fat and this is especially important as hops increase the alcoholic content of the drink, and hence the calories.

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