4 Healthy Methods To Wrap Lunches


Turning your lunch time meal into a wrap is not a new concept. Yet it’s very effective for people that eat their food on the go and don’t compromise on taste as well. A good old school lunch rap can be easy to make and give you thousands of recipe options at the same time. You may roll up a healthy treat for your next lunch following these 4 out of this world lunch wrap recipes. Most of these recipes contain more veggies than meet and trust me that’s for your own good!

1. Edamame Hummus Wrap

This gem of a food wrap is made up with hummus and instead of usual chickpeas Edamame is used which to our advantage is high on protein. Hummus can always be used as a healthy snack sauce in all your wrap recipes. Here we will be using hummus with chopped up veggies to add extra taste to them. One tip that I’d like to mention with this recipe is about how to keep your food inside the wrap which is always a challenge. You should simply wrap your burrito up in a piece of aluminum foil so you can just pick it up and eat it on the move.

2. Vegan Sunflower Wrap

The wrap gets the “sunflower” in its name from the use of sunflower hummus in its recipe. So the with unique taste there is a unique name for you to remember as well. The main ingredients that need to be mixed up for this contain sunflower hummus, cucumber, avocados and tomato sauce. You can make improvisations according to your liking. Many may make it with a different type of hummus but then it won’t just be a sunflower wrap *heart breaks*.

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3. Chicken Filled Collar Green Wraps

The special thing about this specific wrap is that you wrap up all the ingredients in an actual collard green instead of regular lettuce. This gives you advantage of consuming a veggie and the facility to fill more stuff in your wrap without it tearing apart.  This chicken wrap is anti-gluten and free of any carbs, the reason being replacement of tortillas with collard greens. These greens are very healthy for your gut and digestive system.

4. Peanut Tofu Wrap

Simply bake tofu and fry it up with loads of thai peanut sauce. Making it an instant and healthy wrap filling for you. You can top it up by adding multiple veggies according to your own choice to raise the nutrition level of the meal.


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