4 Herbs That Fight Colds

During the cold season, a lot of people tend to experience coughing, sinus congestion and mental dullness. Although the immune system is designed to naturally fight the common cold, some biological or environmental effects on the immune system can cause it not to function as it should. Fortunately, you can incorporate some natural cold remedies to help beat colds more quickly, rather than running to a drugstore to get cold medicines. Below are some herbs you can use to treat your cold.

1. Eucalyptus essential oil

This oil is one of the best decongestants for a congested nose, as it help to open up the sinuses and get deep into the chest to open congested bronchial tubes. Drop about three to five drops of this oil into a sink filled with hot water, then cover your head with a towel while you bend over the sink. Inhale the steam for about five minutes, then raise your head back up and repeat. Asides from this being a decongestant, it is also known for its anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, deodorant, antiseptic, antibacterial, stimulating and other medicinal qualities.

2. Elderflower tea

This tea is both a traditional and well studied modern medicine, as it functions effectively to relieve cold symptoms. Place 2 tsp. of dried elder flowers in a teapot for each 2/3 cup of tea and pour hot water over the dried flowers. Cover the pot to allow the tea to steep for some minutes, then strain and serve hot. Other benefits are that it has antioxidant content and also helps to lower cholesterol levels.

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3. Lemon balm

Studies have shown that lemon balm is a health-supporting tool due to its many benefits for the health. It is used for healing and preventing cold sores and can also be used as a natural insect repellent when applied on the skin. Other benefits are that it helps to sharpen memory, support the liver and work as a powerful antioxidant.

4. Fresh ginger root

Ginger root contains anti-inflammatory gingerols and shaogals that help to provide relief to a sore throat quickly and kill rhinoviruses (viral infectious agents). Remove the skin of your fresh ginger with a pairing knife before consuming, and cut a piece about an inch and half long. Grate or chop the piece finely and put it into a tea strainer in a cup. Then, pour boiling water into the cup and allow the tea to sit for a few minutes. Remove the strainer and squeeze the ginger with a spoon to extract more of the ginger juice into the cup. It is now ready to drink.

These herbs are natural remedies to combat colds with no adverse effects.

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