4 Intense Exercise Routines to Increase Body Strength

These workouts are very intense moves to maximize weight loss. They are extremely brutal moves that will manifest effects almost immediately and boost body strength. It is important that you perform these exercises in the presence of a professional, certified fitness trainer.

1. Full body flush

This is a complex set of exercises done in executive order from inverted rows to push-ups, to single leg step-ups and burpees. Each one to be done at least 25 times before going on to the next. This exercise routine will boost your metabolism rate, increasing fat burn and thoroughly work every single muscle in your body.

2. Triceps tripler

Your triceps make up close to two-thirds of your arms, so getting them strong, strengthens your entire arm as well. This exercise routine works them very hard, increasing blood flow in the process and causing a boost in their growth.

They should not be done at every workout though, rather after every other workout day and it is better if, you were to concentrate on one muscle group at a time. Perform a set of fifty cable push-down repeats then go on to do 25 repeats of dips, another 25 of skull crushers and yet another 25 of seated dumbbell triceps press. I told you these exercises were brutal.

3. Explosive plyometrics

This exercise routine is especially good for athletes and sports stars. They increase body strength and power, making you a formidable force in the sports world. But stretching after every session is essential, so you do not hurt your joints and make sure not to overdo it.

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Squat down in front of a box or a chair and jump on to it, repeating this six times. Rest for about two minutes then stand on the box and jump to the ground and back again quickly on to the box, not allowing your heels to make contact with the ground. Keep doing this 20 more times as quickly as you can, regaining balance on the box every time you land on it, before going back down again.

4. Warrior Conditioning

If you are involved in any contact sport or similar activity, then this is a great exercise routine for you. It helps to increase the body’s power and endurance.

The routine involves a medicine ball slamming, a medicine ball push-up, a plyometric chin-up and a box jump, each repeated 15 times before the entire routine is repeated twice again.


As mentioned above, these exercises are very intense. You must make sure you do not overdo any of them because it might lead to any injury.

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