4 Low-Carb Breakfasts That Will Fill You Up


Living on a low carb diet isn’t exactly easy: you may end up not knowing what exactly to eat to feel satisfied without compromising on your health goals. To help you out, consider these 4 low-carb breakfast meals that will fill you up without flooding your body with carbs:

1. Vegan curry sunrise scramble

Vegan curry sunrise scramble is a scrambled organic tofu preparation that tastes great and has an appearance that appeals to the eyes. This meal is rich in vitamin C, iron, fiber, beta-carotene, and protein, and has only 302 calories and 13 grams of carbs.

2. Grilled  vegetables greek yoghurt

Yoghurt is a meal that can be combined with a lot of things, and grilled vegetables are a great option. You can start by whipping plain, fat-free Greek yoghurt with extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt, and ground black pepper. Then, you can top it with any grilled vegetables of your choice. This meal contains 386 calories and 20g carbs.

3. Sunny-side-up breakfast sausage

How about a healthy meal that is not only fresh and delicious, but also full of flavor and rich in quality protein? Try the sunny-side up breakfast sausage.  Protein is very vital as it helps to ward off the natural loss of muscle that may result from ageing (it is more effective if coupled with exercise). You can pair this meal with vegetables to make it a complete meal.

4. Cajun turkey and hot cereal

This is a combination of a delicious soup and oatmeal. It contains a lot of fiber and protein and also includes scallions, sun-dried tomatoes, baby kale, and lemon zest. This is one great meal you should definitely try! It contains 387 calories and 19g carbs.

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Following a low-carb diet routine isn’t really easy but you can use these four healthy and delicious meals to provide some variety and much needed low-calorie nutrients to your daily breakfast.

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