4 Methods to Add More Fiber to Your Diet

Fiber is found in most plants and is a type of carbohydrate. It also has many health benefits. Consuming fiber helps in keeping your digestive system running smoothly, support heart health and also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels.  Another important thing about eating fiber is that it aids in weight loss.

Food containing more fiber is digested more slowly and will make you feel full for long time. Below are ways in which you can add more fiber to your diet.

1. Do not skip breakfast

Breakfast is very important cause when you have your breakfast, you won’t eat much later. To add more fiber to your diet daily, eat cereal every day. Aim for a whole grain with at least 4 grams of fiber serving and it should be unsweetened. A study has proven that cereal eaters always eat more fiber and less fat than non-cereal eaters.

2. Eat fruits everyday

Fruits like apples contain a lot of fiber and eating two every day is totally healthy. An apple everyday keeps you away from the doctor. This is totally true. Apple is a good source of pectin, a soluble fiber that contributes to a feeling of fullness and is digested slowly.

3. Always read the labels

Read nutrition labels and always choose foods with the highest dietary-fiber numbers. Also make sure the first ingredients in whole-grain products has whole in it. Either whole wheat or whole grain.

4. Add more vegetables to your meals

Aim for making vegetables and eating them especially the fiber-rich types like greens and broccoli. Make it a part of every meal and snack.

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Lastly, don’t peel edible skins from fruits and vegetables. They are good sources of fiber too.

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