4 Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Natural remedies for anxiety1

It’s usually either your health, love, family, work, or money that’s causing you to feel anxious, worried and freaked out. This has led to your heart beating at a faster rate making you breathe rapidly and narrowly. How you wish you could just have time to relax.

Well, the good news is whether you’ve been having a persistent anxiety disorder or you’re just being worried there are a few natural remedies that can really help in overcoming these challenges.

There are tons of safe remedies for anxiety, from mind-body methods to supplements to calming teas. While some of them work with immediate effect, other help to reduce anxiety over time. Here are some of them:

#1.    L-theanine (or green tea)

green tea

According to research made by Mark Blumenthal, of the American Botanical Council (ABC), it was said that Japanese monks could spend hours on meditating and they’d be alert and relaxed at the same time. And one main reason for that was due to the addition of an amino acid in their tea called L – theanine.

Studies have indicated that this amino acid helps to limit a blood pressure and rising heart rate, and some other researchers have also certified that it reduces anxiety. In a case study, victims of anxiety disorder were focused and calmer during a test when they took 200 milligrams of L – theanine before hand.

L-theanine can be found in green tea but you’ll have to take in as many cups as possible, probably 20.

#2.    Chamomile


A cup of Chamomile tea can help ease your nervous moments. Some compounds in this Chamomile are connected to the same brain receptors as drugs such as Valium. According to studies from the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, in Philadelphia, patients who had anxiety disorder took the chamomile additions for 8 weeks and the result was a decrease in their anxiety symptoms compared to the patients that took the treatment without chamomile additions.


#3.    Lemon Balm


The Lemon balm was derived from the Greek for “honey bee” and was used since the Middle Age to lessen anxiety and stress and get rid of insomnia. In a study, people who took the lemon balm extracts (600 mg) were more at ease.

#4.    Valerian


Just like L-theanine, some of the herbal remedies reduce anxiety without making you feel sleepy while others are tranquilizers. Valerian happens to be in the second group. It aids in giving sleep for patients with insomnia. The herb possesses sedative compounds. Because of its unpleasant smell, though, it is taken by most as a capsule.

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