4 Practical Reasons to Start Doing CrossFit

CrossFit can be done by anyone, regardless of your fitness level or where you live. It benefits the body in a lot of ways, hence a lot of athletes engage in it and even stay-at-home moms are not left out. Below are some good reasons to start doing CrossFit from today.

1. It offers community

Dong CrossFit with other people allows you to mingle with others and talk before and after the class, which results in being encouraged to continue CrossFit. You will get to make new friends that may even join you in other social events outside the gym. Yuri Feito, the assistant professor of exercise science at Kennesaw State University, thinks that the community is the biggest attraction for people to continue exercising.

2. It provides results in a short time

The CrossFit program includes high intensity training, which is more effective as compared to low or moderate intensity exercises. This helps to improve cardiovascular fitness and body composition, so you won’t even have to work as hard as you would in low or moderate intensity workouts to get the same results. A recent study shows that you are more likely to enjoy high-intensity workouts and stick with them, and those who engage in CrossFit tend to enjoy it more than those who engage in low or moderate intensity workouts.

3. It inspires change

The community, new friends, and confidence from the little achievements in strength, speed, and flexibility, induces more positive changes. The change doesn’t just affect your workout, but also affects other aspects of your life. A lot of CrossFitters notice shifts in different areas of their lives, such as eating healthier, sleeping better, improved focus, better mood and so on. When you regularly engage in CrossFit, you will notice the change from who you used to be and what CrossFit has turned you into.

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4. It builds confidence

CrossFit also builds confidence, in the sense that you continuously challenge yourself daily at the gym and keep surpassing your previous personal records. This makes you feel good about yourself and you are also motivated to think that you can actually do more. Jonathan Ross, an ACE-certified personal trainer says, “For people who have never been able to do a pull-up, doing their first pull-up is exciting. It’s a big movement for people.” Seeing yourself do things you have never done before, or attain a height you never have, makes you more confident in not only your workouts but also other areas of your life.

These reasons are why you should start doing CrossFit moves as soon as possible.

image courtesy of: crossfitincinerator.org.

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