4 Reasons to Kick Sugar out of Your Diet

The body needs sugar, but when it becomes too much, there are dangerous effects that comes with it. You probably take so much sugar daily and you see no reason why you should ever cut down on it. It is true that sugar is sweet and you may not to think twice before taking it, but then, it is also very important that you take sugar in less quantity if you want to stay healthy. There are so many reasons why you should kick sugar as quickly as you can, and below are some.

1. It may be addictive

Sugar is sweet to eat and you tend to crave for more sugar as much as you eat it. The more you eat it, the closer you are to getting addicted. Being addicted to sugar is not a good path to a healthy living, and asides the fact that you may get frustrated with it, you will be gradually opening yourself to so many health complications.

2. It makes you fat

As ironical as this may sound, it isn’t. Yes, it makes you fat as it is high in calories and lacks important vitamins needed in your body. So, basically, you are likely to gain more weight, without much nutritional benefits. Weight gain, especially around the belly, is very risky to your health.

4. It is hard on the heart

You may be careful in all things, like reducing sodium and trans fats, in order to keep a healthy heart. These things won’t be effective if your sugar level is at the brim. Excess sugar increases blood triglycerides, which stores extra sugar calories, and this eventually lowers protective HDL-cholesterol levels. Studies has shown that diets with high level of sugar increases the risk of heart disease. to save your heart, you have to cut down on your sugar intake.

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5. It may ruin your liver

Too much of sugar in the blood may result in you having a fatty liver. The liver, being one of the largest and most complex organs in the body, helps to store glucose in form of glycogen. When sugar is ingested, insulin is secreted and this triggers the liver to process the glycogen storage into fat. When you ingest too much of sugar, you are likely to get a fatty liver, and this can lead to diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

Because of these reasons and many more, you should watch your sugar intake on a daily basis.

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