4 Reasons Why Rice Keeps You Fit

Your health is very important as it is a crucial part of being fit. Of course foods play a part in this. For one to be healthy eating, the right food is one of the to do things. Therefore exercise is not the only thing one should do in trying to be fit.

Rice is a grain meal which is considered healthy and has been recommended by many, as a food one can take when trying to be fit. This is because of many reasons. In this article you will see some of the reasons why it is considered so. Note that white rice is good although not the best compared to brown rice, because it has been polished and lacks some of the much needed fiber and some nutrients. However it does not discount it from being a healthy choice although you should take it at an appropriate proportion which is half an ounce that is half a cup.

1. Carbohydrates

This is the first constituent of rice. It is a carbohydrate food that is an energy giving food, which is important since everyone requires energy. Energy is used in brain performance, physical activities and everyday growth and repair. It can serve as a good energizer for your workouts.

2. Protein

Protein is an important nutrient that aids in growth of body cells and the repairing of damaged or old cells. Compared to other grains, rice protein is said to have one of the highest quality proteins. Protein is the second most abundant constituent of rice, hence it is important to take rice.

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3. Fiber

The risk of developing diabetes may depend on what you eat. Studies have shown that substituting brown rice as your grain meal helps to lower the risk of having diabetes. It contains fibers which serves as a binding fatty substance in the intestines, hence lowering bad cholesterol and preventing heart diseases. Note that rice is low in fat and contains no cholesterol.

4. Enrichment

Some processed rice that is white rice contain labels which state, that the rice has been enriched or strengthened with vitamins and minerals lost during the milling process. These rice are healthy for eating as they contain all the nutrients such as iron, B complex vitamins and others. In fact one should note, that they are placed equal with cereals which are healthy heart meals.

So next time you see rice do not discount it for, as it is a healthy meal and can help you in getting fit.

Image courtesy of:  minuterice.ca.

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